May 10, 2010

Lets Talk about Money

Hi everyone..

Today I'd like to discuss the Parkinson's Law.
Before you fret away, this has got nothing to do with legal acts or lawyers or the law.

Definition: If you make more money, the demand for your money rises.

It can also be defined as "Lifestyle Inflation" and is your Option A

Option A
The more money you get, the more you spend, the more you swipe your plastics and the more the merrier right? Yes that's right. You keep spending and spending and get into more sinner deadlier debts! You get poorer by the day. Go ahead if you want to go bald by 40.

Option B
However if you spend less than the amount of money you make you are fighting against the Parkinson's law. And that is greattt! Its as simple as that. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Lets break it down.

If you earn RM 2500 per month

This is what you'll have to do to become richer by the dozen

1. Pay for your car = RM 500
2. Pay for your rent = RM 200

1. Electricity Bill: RM 50
2. Phone Bill: RM 140
3. Water Bill: RM 20

Note: You have control over your electricity, water and phone bills.
#Tip 1: Switch off the power points when leaving the house.
#Tip 2: When buying electrical appliances, look for "Energy Saving" stickers.These include power saving light bulbs.
#Tip 3: Make phone calls only when its urgent, if its not, just send a text message.
#Tip 4: View bills online. Most telecommunication companies charge you extra when they send bills to your house.
#Tip 5: Wash your clothes once a week.
#Tip 6: Wash your car with a pail and not a hose.

1. EPF/ SOCSO = RM 250
2. Save 10% for rainy days = RM 150
3. Savings in case car breaks down = RM 100
4. Savings for annual holiday = RM 100

1. Groceries (Food,Toiletries) = RM 500
2. Gas (RM 60 per week) = RM 240

Lets add them all up.

RM 700 + RM 210 + RM 600 + RM 740 = RM 2250

You still have RM 250 to spend for yourself.
To not go overboard with shopping, divide RM 250 into 4 weeks.
That's roughly RM 63 per week. So if you're dreaming of SKII, wait till you're allowed to spend RM 630 per week on shopping.

Until then, I'll keep on dreaming too.
Its all about discipline girls. Visit Irfan Khairi's website for more info on getting rich. Irfan Khairi, the internet millionaire is very disciplined.


  1. It's an article written in this manner that a blog would mean something for a reader like me! Keep on going sis! Love ya!

  2. Thanks sis :) I just noticed your comment. I haven't been active blogging since forever! But now that I finally have some free time I'm going to start writing again!