May 6, 2011

The Weakest Body Part

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I have learnt that the weakest part of your body often gets you into trouble. Unfortunately this weakest part will depend on your gender.

Be it trying to manipulate that significant other to do things your way or simply capture his or her attention, knowing this weak body part is absolutely crucial in relationships. Let me humbly share my opinion if you will.

If you are female trying to win soothe the heart of your man, you have it rather simple. And no, it is not located where you think it is. I don’t know why but whenever I talk about this weakest body part, most women automatically assume it to be at the “nether” regions. Men may be shallow creatures but not everything revolves around their small head.

For men, it is universal. Irregardless of their stature, education or intellect, men all over the world have one thing in common. The weakest parts of his body are his eyes.

Despite thousands of years of evolution, the sight remains the primary sense with which a man foresees his pleasures, simple and primordial as it may seem. A woman may have a heart of gold or carry the most complex intellect in her head. But a woman with curves in the wrong places will seldom earn that second glance regardless of how beautiful her character may be.

Of course this does not mean that looks are the only criteria with which to capture a man’s heart. Once his eyes are open, it is much easier to charm him with your other qualities. But how many rationale educated men do we know who seem to abandon all common sense the moment they come across 32C, a wineglass waist and the most flawless face he has ever seen?

Sadly women have continually denied this. Most will refuse to accept the reality that their significant other indeed does belong to a species of such primordial tendencies. “My man is very educated and loves me for who I am, not for my looks”, they squeal. The moment these women get married, they abandon the need to appeal to the eyes. The moment a wife loses her grip on his weakest body part, she loses her grip on his heart.

So women, do yourselves this favour the next time you get into an argument with the dear husband. Think about what he may like to see, no matter how discreet that may be and you will be amazed at the effect. Don’t waste your time with words on any man.

But what about the weakest body part for the females then?

As much as I hate to admit it, women are a much more sophisticated species than their male counterparts. As such, they are not that vulnerable through their eyes. If you piss off your wife and then think that the problem can be solved by just dressing sexy, you could be in a whole tub of trouble.

But that does not mean that our women folk do not have their own weakest body part. The weakest parts of her body are her ears.

A woman may be suave and educated. She may be discerning in her taste and put a lot of thought to the choices that she makes in life. But the moment a woman’s ears come into contact with soft whispers of the words that she needs to hear, most melt like a hot knife through butter.

A woman’s ears are very vulnerable indeed. This may be due to their inherently good-hearted nature and motherly instincts that naturally sows trust in people till proven otherwise. Unfortunately I have come across too many women whose lives have been destroyed for putting in too much faith in words that their ears succumbed to.

Unlike women, most men have learnt to recognise this weakest part very well. I guess this is the reason why men have evolved to be such good liars. 

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