May 22, 2011

Dining and Whining (Gossiping actually!)

Girlies, check this place out! This is the Little White Cafe. It's a really nice and cozy place to eat, talk and laugh. Okay that would be me after a looong tiring day. Okay, maybe not so looooong. just a long day.

It's located in Bandar Baru Bangi, but I swear, the moment I entered the doors the ambiance made me feel like I was back in the UK. This place will definitely be my getaway to get away from (well, work?) Yes. Definitely.

Anyway, lets take a peep inside.

No, it's not this dark. It's my oh-so-awesome camera.

Ahh that's better innit? I mean the lighting. Girlies, it didn't take long for our food to come. And guess what, you get to see the chefs in action! baking and making.

I had tomato mushroom toast (RM5)and my youngest sister, Khodijah, had potato salad (RM6). They both tasted scrumptious!

This berry juice is tastes really good. is tastes? oh my god. Just thinking about the juice makes my grammar go all wrong. I'm stuttering. I'm stuttering. And if you're on a diet, berry juice works wonders. This costs RM8.90. Worth every penny I tell ya. Sweet berries with a tad of sour taste to it. Yumm!

And look, her juice matches her watch!

Oh wait. My coffee was even better. Just look at my face. And this coming from a coffee lover. They made my latte just the way I like it!

Here's what Fatimah had. Spaghetti Carbonara. It makes you look Italian Timsy. I think this costs RM24.90. We got one free on the house ya'll. I think it's because we made too much noise gossiping. They wanted to, (you know, hush us.)

I'm sorry that straw is in your mouth like that sissy. No other picture of you with your food.

My other sister Aishah had vegetable lasagna. Personally, I didn't really like it but she thought it was good. This costs RM15 I think. I don't know the actual price, I don't have the menu with me.

Overall, love the place. Love the food. Definitely a place to chat loooong with friends and loved ones.


  1. kakak, potato salad tu 8.90 and raspberry cooler tu 11.90 hehehehehhehehe

  2. hahahaha okay :) I'm sorry I'm sorry

  3. Owh my gusi, my sister and I are dying to go here after some of her friends recommended us to go there, Little White Cafe. Wish we can go there so soon! :)

  4. please go :) it's a really nice place