May 18, 2010


Which body shape do you have?

Fact: If you think you're bottom-heavy or top-heavy,then you probably are!
Don't try to size it down.
You will NOT get a smaller bottom.
Your shape will remain the same no matter how skinny or fat you get.
Research has proven that you will always get the SAME bust/waist and hip/waist ratio no matter how small or large you get.

You have one body, learn to love it, live with it, and look your best out of it.

Follow these simple steps to determine your body shape:

1. Start by changing into your best bra and underwear. Making sure the bra is fitted properly. Having a properly fitted bra will help give accurate measurements.
2. With a measuring tape measure the bust, waist, and hips. Keep the measuring tape firm against the skin (not too tight but not too loose either) and keep it parallel with the floor. It may be helpful to have a friend or loved one help to make sure the measurements are accurate. Write down the number so that the information will be correct.
3. Measure the bust at the fullest part of the breast line keeping the measuring tape straight across the back.
4. Measure the waist at the narrowest part of the waist line, this is usually at or slightly above the belly button. Feel for the natural curve of the waist at your side.
5. Measure the hips at the fullest part of the bottom, around the curve of the hips, again make sure to keep the measuring tape straight across.

Now for some simple math to determine your body shape:

* Divide the hip number by the waist number. (hip/waist)
* Divide the bust number by the waist number. (bust/waist)
* Divide the waist number by the hip number. (waist/hip)
* Divide the waist number by the bust number. (waist/bust)

With your numbers, figure out your body type.

Apple shape: If your waist/hip and waist/bust ratio is greater than .75 you are considered an apple. The apple body shape usually have average size breast, a larger belly and a flat butt.

Pear shape:
If your hip/waist is greater than 1.25 and your waist/bust is greater than .75. Pear shapes usually have small breast, long waist, a flat tum

Hour-glass shape: If your hip and bust measures within two inches of each other or your waist/hip and waist/bust ratio is less than .75 you have an hour-glass body shape. The hour-glass body shape is considered to be the ideal or perfect body shape. An hour-glass usually has large breasts, short small waist, big hips and large thighs.

(Cello Shape: combination of Hour-glass and pear shape)

Ruler shape: If you are lean with long legs and the shoulder width is equal to the hip width, think model. If your waist/hip and waist/bust ratio is greater than .75 or your hips and bust are the same.

Reverted Triangle: If your bust/waist ratio is greater than 1.25 or a waist/hip greater than .75, your upper body dominates your stature. This can be known as a strawberry or goblet shape. Usually the breasts are large with broad shoulders with a small or no waist and narrow hips.

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