May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Jewellery Gifts for Mom
1. Birthstone jewelry: Moms will love wearing a piece of jewelry that includes the birthstones of her children. There are plenty of necklaces, bracelets, and rings to choose from that will fit nearly all budgets.
2. Habib Jewels: This beautiful bracelet from Habib Jewel will surely win her heart.
3. Lockets: Give Mom a locket and she will be able to keep her little one close to her heart. Sterling silver. And you can engrave a message on them as well.
4. Mom heart tag pendant: A lovely 18k gold necklace from Tiffany & Co. sums it up in one word: Mom.
5. Charm bracelets: Charm bracelets are a fun way to give your mother a piece of jewelry that is truly created to express her interests. These bracelets in particular are made of sterling silver and use Swarovski crystals and birthstones to showcase their elegant designs.

Bags, Totes, and Purses for Mom

6. Cosmetics bag: A Jon Hart makeup bag is too cute for words. This is great for every day storage as well as travel.
7. Louis Vuitton: Speaking of travel needs, why not get Mom this elegant and durable piece of luggage for her next trip?
8. Diaper bags: Lovely Stitches makes diaper bags that will make Mommy look like a fashionista. They come in an array of fabrics and designs that are bound to catch the eyes of the other moms at the park.
9. Monogrammed totes: Get your mother ready for the beach or to run errands with these classy monogrammed black totes from Neiman Marcus
10. Everyday handbags: If you're looking for a purse that Mom can use anywhere, anyday, then check out what Belle Bags has to offer. The variety of styles and designs will make it easy to find the perfect one for your mother.

Scents & Make Up Gifts for Mom
11. Personalized spa gift basket: This basket comes with a personalized ribbon for Mom and is filled with lotions, gels, and more. Choose between cranberry and pomegranate or black currant and vanilla. Available at Yves St Laurent Alamanda.
12. Organic spa robe: This luxurious robe from will make your mom feel as though she's staying at a classy spa. Be prepared to see her in it for years to come!
13. Designer Perfume: Every mom is unique in her own way, especially when it comes to fragrance choices.

14. Bath Set: Body Shop has a light, fresh scent. Mom will be happy to display them in the bathroom, but may hesitant to actually use such a lovely gift!
15. Lipstick: Buy her favourite lipstick!

Health and Comfort for Mom

16. Comforter Set: You can never go wrong with a comforter set. New matching sheets and pillow cases are every woman’s dream.
17. Digital Weighing Scale: A digital weighing scale will help mom shed all those kilos!
18. Massage at a Spa: Treat your mom to a massage at a spa! She’ll feel great
19. Aromatherapy: An aromatherapy set will have her de-stressed in no time. An air purifier will do the trick too.
20. Comfy Shoes: Shoes from Scholl are very comfortable for mom!

I'm getting mom no.17 ;) It's what she's always wanted.


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