May 6, 2011

Alamanda Amusement

My Sisters

It was a Friday evening out with my sisters. I wanted to de-stress. Kayah wanted ice-cream. And Timah just wanted to tag along. No one would have predicted that by the end of that day, Timah would be.... paralysed?

Time: 6.30 pm Location: Baskin Robbins

Too much ice cream?

Both my sisters bought two scoops of ice cream but I didn’t feel like ice cream because I had a tummy ache. Kayah is the sweet tooth in the family. She bakes cakes, muffins, pies, and sweet stuff every single day of her adolescent life. But this time Timah's the one really enjoying her ice cream. She actually bought another scoop of BR! And Kayah was saying, “Okay, this is weird, normally I’m the one with the sweet tooth.” Timah was saying, “I don’t know, I just feel like I’m in heaven.” So Timah actually gulped down three scoops of ice cream for the first time in her life.

Time 8.00 pm Location: Alamanda Food Court

Intoxicating perfume?

I was sitting with Kayah at a table under a tree. Timah was at the washroom I think. Suddenly this tall guy comes and stands near us. He introduces himself as “Adam”, and we were both like “Okaaaaay..?” and he was telling us not to be scared and asked permission to sit. We didn’t say YES, but he sat anyway. He then asked us, “Do you know YES?” and we said “NO”. “You know... YES?”. “NO, we don’t know YES” we said. “Year End Sale” he said. Oh. Right. And he went on promoting about an event in Pavilion on the 27th and 28th of December, a perfume sale he said. This is when Timah comes back and sits down and all three of us are giving him “THE LOOK” and trying our best to make ourselves look as unattractive as possible. Nostrils flared. Mouths gaping. So that he’d see us as ugly creatures and wouldn’t do anything bad to us. He then takes a perfume out of his backpack and asks to spray it on our wrists. I refused. But my ‘genius’ sisters willingly gave their wrists. Brilliant. T.T Oh I forgot to mention. This guy didn't look like a salesman OR a promoter.

Time: 8.30 pm Location: Parkson

You see one thing about Kayah is that although she’s really intelligent, she does NOT have a sense of urgency. My mother’s prayer at Mekah was so that Kayah would be quick, effective, and efficient in her actions. hahaha. You get the picture how slow she can be at times.

Phone call between Kayah and I.

Kayah: Hello, where are you?

Me: I’m in the changing room. I’m trying on that pink shirt.

Kayah: emm okay. Emm Kakak, Timah tak boleh jalan. (any other person would have screamed this first, not ask you where you are!)

Me: Ha? Tak boleh jalan? Tak boleh jalan kenapa?

Kayah: Tadi dia tersepak kaki Kayah, pastu dia kata jari kaki dia patah. Dia tak boleh jalan. Kayah pun rasa kaki dia patah la.

Me: Patah? Tersepak kaki kayah? Kayah kat mana ni? Mana Timah?

Kayah: (Dengan sangat tenang) Timah ada kat area B.U.M. Pegila kat dia. Kayah nak ambik troli elektronik.

TROLI ELEKTRONIK? Probably she meant wheelchair. Never mind. I went to find Timah. Muka dia dah pucat. Her foot was blue, like really blue, and only one finger was red. The most painful one was red. I asked her not to move. I knew immediately I had to take her to the hospital. Tersepak kaki kayah boleh patah jari kaki?

Time: 8.45 pm Location: Concierge Counter

The workers were about to lock all the wheelchairs available.

Kayah: Saya nak pinjam wheelchair, kakak saya tiba-tiba tak boleh jalan.

Receptionist: Sila bayar deposit RM20, dan tinggalkan IC.

Kayah: Ni RM20. IC saya tak bawak.

Receptionist: Tinggalkan lesen lah.

Kayah: Lesen tak ada. Saya baru 16. Bagi ATM CARD boleh?

Receptionist: ATM card?

ATM CARD? Nak bagi pin number sekali ke? Now the receptionist knows how URGENT it is and gives the wheelchair.

Kayah comes back with a wheelchair. And we’re heading to the parking lot. We’re going down the escalator and the wheelchair is wheeling down really fast. We all forget that the wheelchair has a brake handle. Timah clings on for dear life trying to slow down the wheelchair by grabbing the escalator railing. Kayah and I try to pull the wheelchair upwards so that Timah doesn’t flop out of the wheelchair and break other parts of her body.hahahaha.

I don’t know what actually happened to her foot, but she was able to walk the next morning. Could it be that perfume guy? Or was it too much ice cream?

We actually laughed all the way to the hospital. It was soooo tiring!

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