May 6, 2011

Running in Your Dreams?

Running in your dreams may indicate a need to get away from something in your life. It is important to notice how and where to you are running to figure out the meaning.

Running in dreams, that's common. You find yourself, you've been running, you're going to look at how you're running? Are you running up a hill? This means you've got obstacles to sort of, try and climb. Are you running down the hill? This means you're sort of pursuing your goals, really going well.

Are you being chased? Well, if you're being chased, then look at what you're trying to run away from because being chased in a dream means that you're probably running away from some aspect of your life that you've got to sort out. Look at the scenery around you because if you're running through sunshine and the clouds are clear and you seem to be enjoying yourself, then that really does show a time of optimism and energy. If it's pelting with rain and you soaked to the skin, then it means that you're trying to sort of look at your emotional situation and things are not quite as clear as that.

Are you, perhaps, running away from a relationship situation or are you wanting to run away? Running in dreams is quite fascinating. Try and see where you're going, uphill, whether it's downhill. Whether you're going across the country and things seem to be easy or whether you find yourself running up and down through offices you work at.

If you're running up and down the steps, it may indicate that you're about to sort of want to switch jobs or switch types of jobs. See where you're running. If you're running through a city, it's definitely time to look at where next to go in your career.

If you're running to catch a bus or train or tube, well, maybe you haven't sorted things out. Running is an indication of where you're trying to run to, run from. Metaphorically, it means you're trying to get to or get away from. .

Adam Fonteras, Dream Analyst

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