May 5, 2011


When I think of the word burden, I imagine heavy stones being carried around in a backpack.

Burden can refer to something oppressive or worrisome.

It can also refer to responsibility.

Nobody likes burden. But whether we like it or not, we are all heavily laid with burden.

What would it take to carry around a backpack full of heavy stones weighing 5 kilos?

What if you had to carry that 5 kilo backpack from Kelantan to Singapore on foot?

Imagine if these stones in your backpack are valuable stones. Aquamarine stones. And diamonds. Sapphires and rubies.

The buyers in Singapore are going to pay you RM2 million dollars for your whole backpack.

But you'd have to go on foot.

What would it take? For that burden to get there and be released.

It would take courage, persistence, acceptance, patience, and most importantly care and vigilance.

And that bagpipe of burden would not feel as heavy.

Take everyday responsibilities that way and life would be less of a burden and more of a relief.

In exception, when a burden is oppressive and worrisome and we know that we're not capable of bearing the pain,

then sometimes it's best to release it even though it's worth 2 million.

"I do not pray for a lighter load, but for a stronger back." - PhillipsBrooks

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