May 5, 2011

Heart Ache

If only you could see my heart. You'd understand.
You're written all over it like the daily newspaper.
If only you could read my mind.
You'd listen to your name on the top chart,
As its played over and over like the annoying adverts on the radio.
If only you knew what your smile means to me,
Its when I sparkle and flicker like the moonlight,
If only you knew how your eyes affect my soul,
Its when my eyelashes flutter like butterflies.
You'd know how deep I love you
If you could read my mind,
see my heart and my soul.
How I long to be with you.
Everytime you're not around,
You take my heart with you,
And I whisper your name to give it back.
But you don't hear, you don't see, you don't read.

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