May 6, 2011

Thou Art

I love the way

you look at me,

Your eyes

gleaming bright,

Staring into the depth

of my soul,

Everything feels right.

The world stops for

a moment,

Fireworks dazzle

in distance,

Birds chirp on

the windowsill,

Sweet music

pushing silence.

And the honest

truth is,

Without you,

I’m not whole,

And forever

I will love you.

If truth,

then truth be told.

And I’m truly sorry,

For every bit

of suffering,

No matter what you say

or do,

It was not my intention

to hurt you.

If you do love me

Utter I love you

If you don't

My heart

will cry out for you.

I look forward

to an entire life,

Without wishing

for things

I couldn’t have,

I’m happy for

everything that’s true,

Knowing that

I was loved by you

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