May 6, 2011

The things kids say

This week has been a hellava week. I don't even know where to begin. My brother collapsed at school and was warded in IJN for 4 days. I sat for my finals without much preparation. My mother-in-law is now warded in Putrajaya Hospital. A million and one other things to think about at work. I will even have to come to work on labour day. I don't want to fall into self-pity and I won't. I'm sure despite all this, something good is in store for me soon.

Today I spent time with my nieces Saffi and Iman. Babysitting them. It's amazing how kids can turn your world around with the way they say things that tickle you. It just enlightens your day.

Some of the things they said that made me laugh today.

Iman: Maksu, maksu dah kawin ke?

Me: Dah la Iman

Iman: Oooh. Maksu, paksu kawin dengan sape?

Me: Dengan maksu la

Saffi: Yela Iman, tak ingat ke paksu dgn maksu kawin kat depan rumah nenek ni je.

Saffi: Maksu kenapa tak ada baby?

Me: sbb Allah tak letak lagi baby dalam perut maksu

Saffi: Taklah. Maksu kurus sangat ni.

HAHAHA kurus? bestnye!

At the hospital I overheard a little girl talking to her ill mother.

Mother: Lia makan apa tadi?

Girl: Makan tak sedap ayah masak.


<3 kids

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