May 6, 2011


I wish I were a kite

With no strings attached

I wish you hadn’t

Pulled my strings

My heartfelt stings

Just as I’m about to regain

My pinnacle of joy

You pull me down again

Down, down, down

I want to bring

My own sunshine

Everywhere I go

But all you can offer is rain

And I am drenched

With nowhere to go

In a fog, dark and gloomy

My sunshine bright

But your darkness overshadows

The light

If I were a kite

With no strings attached

I would soar high

And go to a desolate place

To meet sunshine so bright

So that I can bring it back to you

Your lightning and thunder

won’t bring me down

because I will bring sunshine

wherever I go

Just so you know

I am a reflection of you

You left me out in the rain

Far too long

But I don’t hate you

Because I bring sunshine

Wherever I go

I love you still


let me feel the wind

On my skin


let me be

A kite for a split second

And I’ll bring back

Your sunshine

I promise

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