May 6, 2011

In case I break a plate..

When I get old, I hope

you can understand

and have patience with me.

In case I break a plate,

or spill soup on the table

because I'm losing my eyesight,

I hope you don't yell at me.

Older people are sensitive,

always having self pity

when you yell.

When my hearing gets worse

and I can't hear what you're saying,

I hope you don't call me "DEAF".

Please repeat what you said

or write it down.

I'm sorry my child.

I hope you have the patience

to help me get up.

Like how i used to help you

when you were little,

learning how to walk.

Please bear with me,

When I keep repeating myself

like a broken record,

I hope you just keep listening to me.

Please don't make fun of me

or get sick of listening to me.

Do you remember you were little

and wanted a balloon?

You repeated yourself over

and over

until you got what you wanted.

I hope you can be patient with me

when I'm always cranky.

It's part of getting old.

You'll understand

when you're older.

And if you have spare time,

I hope we can talk,

even for a few minutes.

I'm always all by myself

all the time,

and have no one to talk to.


I know you're busy with work.

Even if you're not interested

in my stories,

please have time for me.

Do you remember

when you were little?

I used to listen to your stories

about your teddy bear.

When the time comes,

and I get ill and bedridden,

I hope you have the patience

to take care of me.

I hope you have the patience

to take care of me

during the last few moments

of my life.

I'm not going to last much longer,


When the time of my death comes,

I hope that you hold my hand

and give me strength to face death.

And don't worry,

when I finally met our Creator,

I will whisper in his ear to bless you.

Because you loved your mum

and dad.

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