Jul 7, 2011

Follow Your Heart. Do What You Think Is Right

One day Luqman Hakim came into the market by riding a donkey, while his son followed from behind. Looking at the behavior of Luqman, the people said, 'See that old man, he is very selfish. He is riding the donkey while his son is walking "

Having heard murmurs from people around, Luqman got down from his donkey and put his son on the donkey. Seeing that, other people at the market said, "Look at that ungrateful boy! He is riding the donkey while father is on foot, so less manners of the child."

Once he heard these words, Luqman went up on the back of the donkey with his son. Then people then said, "See that two people riding a donkey, they are torturing the poor donkey. It will be dead anytime soon."

Therefore, because he did not like listening to these voices, Luqman and his son got off the donkey. Then they heard a voice saying, "Two people walking, and leading a donkey? How stupid.”

On their way home, Luqman Hakim advised his son about the attitudes of people and their antics, he said, "Surely no one is spared from human speech. Those who understand, takes no consideration except to God alone. Whoever knows this truth will not try to please everyone. Whatever you do should be to please God.

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