Oct 4, 2012

Cutest Baby Girl

Yes, finally after 3 years of waiting, I became pregnant with my first child. Since that day, she has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. All mothers feel that their baby is the cutest, not excluding me.

When she was in my womb, she was very active right until the last day before she was born. Sometimes my rib cage hurt from a jammed foot. Now when I see her kicking her legs I know she must have enjoyed it. She loves kicking her feet up in the air and will always have a cheeky smile on her face. Now I understand why it hurt so much. She has very strong legs.

At the age of two months she can now stand on her feet steadily with some support. She laughs out LOUD and 'talks' a lot. She can roll over on her side and her back. I think she's a genius! But so do all mothers. We all think our babies are geniuses. Her first social smile was at 2 weeks old. Now she smiles all day and friends and relatives have started calling her 'the smiley baby'

I think the main reason she's so happy is because I was overjoyed with my first pregnancy. My advise to pregnant mothers out there is that you can never be too happy when your pregnant. Your emotions will have a direct effect on your offspring. Research has also shown that mothers who were stressed out during pregnancy had a higher risk of having children with ADD or ADHD. Your child's social development starts in the womb. So smile often:) and you'll get a happy baby. God willing.

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