Dec 22, 2009


1. Pay Yourself!
Instead of paying RM10 to wash your car, wash it yourself. Get that exercise you need.
Wake up early on a weekend and start scrubbing.
Instead of paying RM18 for a haircut, ask someone who can do a great job, to cut it for you. Or do it yourself if you know you can.
Instead of paying someone to mow your lawn for RM20, do it yourself and burn those extra calories too.
Now, put that RM20 + RM 18 + RM 10 in an envelope. When it reaches RM100, reward yourself to a new handbag! You earned it! This is one cool way to restrict your shopping. When your pay check comes in, you are not to go on a shopping spree. Portion out your money to your SAVINGS, your OBLIGATORY debts and bills, and your NEEDS of food and household items. The handbag you WANT should be purchased at the end of the month.

2. Use the Library!
We usually read books once only. Why not borrow it instead of buying it. Plus some libraries rent dvds, so rent! You’re only going to watch it once anyway.

3. Never Buy Bottled Water
If you stop buying 3 bottled drinks per week, you save RM180 per year. You can yourself an Mp3 player! Bring your own water. If you prefer sweetened water, then buy yourself cordial, and make it yourself.

4. Drive Slower
How fast you drive, not just what car you drive, can improve fuel economy. Drive slower, more smoothly, and brake less often. My father proved this on his mega-long daily commute. By maintaining 65 MPH or below he squeezed a couple extra gallons out of each tank. Plus, if you have problems with punctuality, you should try this method. Because you know that you are going to drive slower, you will leave earlier.

5. Limit Cleaning Supplies.
Bleach or simple antibacterial cleanser can clean almost anything! You don’t need 7 different cleaning products. If you’d like plain bleach to smell good, squeeze some lemon. Use newspapers to clean windows and mirrors.

6. Look for Freebies.
Don’t grab every freebie or it will only create clutter. But take things like hotel shampoos, lotions, and notepads. The stuff you know you’ll use and place these items in their categories separately. Have you ever bought yourself a notepad, and later realize that you have five other unused notebooks? That’s because you don’t see them. Organizing your stuff is also a way of organizing your money.

7. Give Homemade Gifts.
Homemade gifts have sentimental value. You can make creative a cookbook, a frame, pillowcase, and paper mache!

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