Dec 10, 2009



Have you ever seen young females promoting milk, beverages, maggi mee, and other snacks at supermarkets? This job pays you the least RM 80 per day. You usually only have to work on weekends. You get RM 160 the least per weekend, and that is RM640 for eight working days a month (4 weekends). To apply for promoters, go to
Companies need promoters all over Malaysia, if you are located in Kelantan, Terengganu, and Kedah, you are at an advantage. Just send your resume by email to the advertisers. There are so many promoter jobs available, even by big companies like maxis and celcom. Just apply! They will contact you and will brief you on the job.

In your resume, make sure to include:
a) A few pictures of yourself
b) Your contact number
c) Your area ( eg: Putrajaya, Bandar Baru Bangi, and Kajang)
d) Your job experiences
e) Your selling traits (friendly, talkative, persuasive)


This job requires your time at home. Basically, you have to have Microsoft excel skills. Normally companies are willing to pay up to RM5 per page depending on the amount of entries. That’s already RM500 for 100 pages. Again, visit

You can also look up ads in your local newspapers. Data entry jobs are countless, there’s so many.


Ok so if you don’t have Microsoft excel skills, this is the job for you. You can look up typists jobs in the newspapers. You will have to pick up documents from companies offering typist jobs. Once you are done with the softcopy (typing), you will have to submit it together with the hardcopy, and you will get paid. Companies are willing to pay RM5 per page too!
Good luck.


Don’t want the hassle of applying for part-time? Why not open a blogshop. Start by selling off your own stuff. Don’t underestimate blogshops! You can make up to RM200 per week.
Now who would give you that? By just lazing around at home!

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