Dec 4, 2009

Best Part Time Jobs

High Rated Hourly Jobs

• Model
Commonly RM 200 per hour for newbies
If you’ve got the looks, and got the personality, go to an agent now!
Weekend: RM 800 earned! (4 hours of work)

• Speaker
Commonly RM 100 per hour
If you’ve got flawless English, if you reckon you love talking, and you’re not afraid of talking to the public, be a public speaker!
Consultant companies would be more than happy to hire a charismatic person like you. Most people can talk about recycling! Some courses are as easy as that.
If you’ve got the guts, organize your own workshop and get the least RM 3,000 in a single weekend.
Weekend: RM 500 earned! (5 hours of work)

• Part Time Tutor or Teacher
Commonly RM 60 per hour for secondary students
Even if you’re not a teacher, but you know you are competent in one area of knowledge, and you think you have no problem imparting that knowledge. Go ahead and teach.
Weekend: RM 240 earned! (4 hours of work)

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